Dave McClure on finding success in failure

May 12, 2013 - 4:14 pm

Dave McClure, founder of 500 Startups spoke at Startup Grind in Palo Alto on 8/2/12.

Micah Baldwin on Failure at Startup Mixology 2010

- 4:08 pm

Micah Baldwin the CEO of Graphicly shares his advice, insights and perspectives on “Failure” at the Startup Mixology conference in Chicago, Illinois on October 28, 2010.

Starting up and failing with Mukund Mohan

- 4:05 pm

I haven’t watched this so haven’t commented.

Startup Diaries – Episode 7

- 12:10 pm

Not sure what’s going on here really. They seem to be making several points; none of which come across with any real clarity.

Startup Failure: A Step to Success

- 12:05 pm

Lots of short anecdotes and advice from investors and founders on failure. THIS NEEDS MORE.

Jason Mendelson Talks About Startup Failure

- 12:00 pm

Jason Mendleson gives a VCs perspective on failure and more. A lot of good practical advice on how to fail with dignity, dealing with creditors and investors.

Steve Jobs on failure

- 11:50 am

A short segment from a 1994 interview in which jobs talks about taking action and fear of failure. Brief but sage advice.

The most common reasons for small business failure.

- 11:45 am

Fiona Margariti and Christopher Tolevsky cover common reasons for small business failure. Good, simple, straightforward advice for points to focus on.